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On 28 January, it was Data Protection Day, an annual celebration of privacy and data protection commemorating the date that Convention 108 of the Council of Europe was first opened for signature.

GEIGER: Providing new tool for small businesses to fight cyberattacks

GEIGER makes cybersecurity more approachable to MSEs without expertise in digital security issues. In comparison to threat communication by CSIRTs and CERTs, GEIGER offers sensors to the MSE that allow a high degree of personalisation, and consequently, recommendations that are easier to understand and apply.

SWForum.eu Launches Podcast!

SWForum.eu has just released their first Podcast, An Introduction to SWForum.eu, which is available on all major platforms. The first episode features the SWForum.eu Coordinator Leire Orue-Echevarria as she speaks about the challenges being faced, the objectives of the initiative and its expected impacts.

#CybersecMonth: Let’s talk about digital security!

October marks Cyber Security Month, and we took this chance to talk about what cyber threats we face every day and how we could avoid them.

From yoga studio owner to app provider and GEIGER ambassador

e-abo is a Swiss startup offering a solution that entrepreneurs and small business owners providing courses, for example sports classes, can use to efficiently organise their activities through a mobile app.

The idea of the app was born out of necessity. Heike Klaus, one of the founders of the startup, managed her own yoga studio with spreadsheets, customer cards, and on paper. Her clients signed up for courses using mobile message apps, phone or email, and the time and effort it took Heike to keep track of everything was overwhelming.

Security Research About Phishing

During the recent pandemic and the unprecedented changes in the way the world operates, there is an increase in email use (app. 20% increase in opening rates) that correspondingly increases the risk of a cyberattack.

SealedGRID’s Researchers had a Telco about D5.2

The researcher Sofia Batsi from Neurosoft to CNIT in Rome, Italy is working closely with her colleagues Cristina Alcaraz, Juan Enrique Rubio Cortez, and Christos Fakitsas on Deliverable 5.2 “Authorization and security interoperability component” which will deliver a detailed report on the design and implementation of all the mechanisms comprising the authorization and security interoperability component as well as in “Context Awareness” in order to deliver the results and to continue her research.

SealedGRID Newsletter issue 7

The 7th SealedGRID’s e-Newsletter issue is ready here!!

New secondment for Giorgio Bernardinetti

New secondment for Giorgio Bernardinetti from Italy and CNIT to Fogus in Greece, started in October. Furthermore, he visited his colleagues from his company and the University of Piraeus where they had a fruitful discussion about the project progress and their future collaboration.



SerIoT project have launched a dedicated section on innovation at the SerIoT website. This section is providing an overview of SerIoT results and highlights.

Future Events

On Thursday April 15, 2021 at 14:00 CEST, CUREXPANACEAProTegoASCLEPIOS, and SPHINX projects are co-organizing the online workshop "Human-Centric Cyber Hygiene in Healthcare".


he EnergyShield Consortium is preparing an online workshop to promote the EnergyShield project and engage different stakeholders in cross-domain topics.