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Tackling personal data and trust with SOTER

20 November 2020

We live in the era of the conscious consumer.

Cyberwatching Cyber Risk Temperature Tool: Paving way for putting in place correct risk assessment processes

11 November 2020

Cyber risk temperature tool providing a preliminary cyber risk assessment for SMEs.

Cyberwatching Project Clustering: Boosting synergies to improve the market readiness levels of projects

09 November 2020 project, CSA supported under Unit H1 of DG Connect, is aiming to cluster active projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, by identifying possible opportunities for...

SMEs success stories: TELESTO

06 November 2020

TELESTO is one of the SMEs involved in the strategy to engage with a large pan-European community of SMEs.

REactively Defending against Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

05 November 2020

Systems still suffer from vulnerabilities, despite the many active or passive defenses in place that have been developed in the last few decades.

Webinar: EPES and Smart GRIDS: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks

05 November 2020

SDN-microSENSE participates in the webinar: “EPES and Smart GRIDS: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks“. and the European software ecosystem: We need to talk

03 November 2020

The European software ecosystem needs to avoid the risk of fragmentation exactly at a moment in which increased integration is needed. How? Let us count the ways:

Enhancing cybersecurity in the banking sector – interview with Sergio Hermida from Liberbank

28 October 2020

What are the challenges and (cybersecurity) issues the financial sector is currently facing? 

Cybersecurity in finance – Join our workshop

28 October 2020

This October marks the EU’s 8th European Cybersecurity Month, promoting online security among citizens.

CyberSANE: Developing an innovative and novel system to protect Critical Information Infrastructures against cybercriminals

21 October 2020

CyberSANE is designing and implementing an advacned, configurable and adaptabl, Security and Privacy In

Third party libraries fear the Android’s REAPER

19 October 2020

In the modern era, smartphones have become a vital means of human communication holding sensitive user information.

SoK: Make JIT-Spray Great Again

19 October 2020

Yet another target to attack