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The European Commission has launched over time more than 25 calls which were either explicitly supporting projects in the domain of cybersecurity and privacy or from which projects in this area were supported. This resulted in awarding nearly 200 consortia with funding grants. Therefore, it is important that we consider what the outputs of these projects have been and where the products they have created have gone in terms of exploitation either by the projects themselves or by others who may reuse their outputs.

Based on the well known "Technology Radar" methodology developed and open-sourced by ThoughtWorks, the project uses a number of underpinning information sources to visualise the state of the art of these projects as a means to maintain oversight of the larger European Cybersecurity research landscape. It allows the user to answer the question whether and where to invest themselves in the outputs of a project or not – the Radar's primary value proposition therefore is that of saving the user time and money by processing and analysing detailed landscape data for them.

Access the European Project Radar

The interactive online radar process uses:

  • the project's classification within the cybersecurity research taxonomy,
  • well known IT project lifecycle maturity patterns, and
  • project readiness self-assessment against Technology Readiness Levels and Market Readiness Levels to populate the visualisation accordingly.

This technique allows making swift yet statistically sound statements on the state of the art of the European cybersecurity and privacy research landscape. Generic in its implementation, the Technology Radar technology can be adapted to other domains with reasonable effort, making it a valuable asset in the toolbox for anyone seeking oversight of an inherently complex landscape.

Using cool visualisation software, the European Project Radar provides a birdseye view of the complete collection of EU funded projects in the cybersecurity space.
The projects are grouped by research themes and colour-coded to show their position in the project lifecycle.

Access the European Project Radar

With 188 projects currently added to the radar, make sure your project is there. If your project is there then update us on your status and ranking.

What's next for the European project Radar? will launch the Spring 2020 edition of the European Project Radar at the end of April 2020. The Radar will become a unique and single entry point for updated information on EU R&I projects and where they sit in the European cybersecurity and privacy landscape.

We’ll be introducing two new features to the radar which will make it easier for the community to get a picture of the R&I landscape and for projects to engage and provide updated information in real-time.

1- A new look for a better and more-detailed birds-eye-view of the R&I landscape

We’ll be improving the look and feel of the radar meaning a clearer overview of the R&I landscape.

The radar maps projects by research themes. Improved colour-coding will make it easier to understand their project lifecycle status and Market and Technology Readiness Levels. Click on a project and you’ll also be able to get a brief description of the project's MRL and TRL value, and an evaluation of its performance compared to other projects in the same sector. Further details such as start/end date, the budget, funding call, funding scheme are also included. You’ll also be able to click through to the project’s own more detailed pages on the project hub where you can contact them directly and explore synergies.

2- Autonomous and real-time information management for projects

Any landscape analysis can become quickly outdated. Therefore, the new version of the radar will let projects upload, modify and update their information, status and progress at any given point in their lifetime. This will mean that policymakers and funding bodies such as the European Commission, and stakeholders from the R&I community can see where projects sit in relation to each other and get updated information quickly and easily. 


Download the copy of the related deliverable report below.


This report a visualisation of EC supported activities in the area of Cybersecurity and Privacy that allows possible exploiters of the outputs of these projects to understand their status.


This deliverable is the first in a series of publications over the duration of the project, related with to methodology for the classification of projects/services and their Market Readiness which focused on the description of the methodology for determining the TRL/MRL of a project and how these values will be used to build a classification matrix for the projects.


This deliverable offers an analysis of the landscape of EU funded projects in the Cybersecurity and Privacy research community using well-known statistical analysis methodologies.

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Future Events

In an effort to support cross-collaboration between H2020-SU Projects, FORESIGHT Project ( is inviting all experts and professionals involved in cyber-security training, education and ideally with cyber-range experience, to provide their valuable expert opinion.

Your participation in an anonymous survey will greatly contribute to advance the training curricula aimed at cyber-security professionals to implement and combine security measures in innovative ways.

29/10/2020 to 25/11/2020

ECSO cybersecurity business matchmaking events – also known as the ECSO Cyber Investor Days – are designed to cover different investment phases, ranging from seeding to strategic investment and M&A, as well as to support companies positioned on the entire cybersecurity value chain. The initiative aims to increase the visibility of the European cybersecurity market players and to foster the consolidation of the European cybersecurity market.

30/11/2020 to 01/12/2020

Deliverables Research

This deliverable is the first in a series of publications over the duration of the project, related with to methodology for the classification of projects/services and their Market Readiness.

We present in this report a visualisation of EC supported activities in the area of Cybersecurity and Privacy that allows possible exploiters of the outputs of these projects to understand their status.

This document presents a view of the European cyber security and privacy research and innovation ecosystem with a view of getting input and feedback via a survey and the concertation meeting held on 26 April 2018 in Brussels.
A key component of developing this deliverable was to target research projects in the field of cyber security in the current cyber security framework. To this aim, a survey was sent out to projects in cyber security in the EU. All the projects were also invited to the First Concertation Meeting, which was held on 26 April 2018 in Brussels. Feedback from that first Concertation meeting is included in this deliverable.

One of the objectives of the project is to support projects in the cybersecurity domain in classifying and clustering themselves and others into meaningful groups of common topics and concerns to generate synergies and collaboration.