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EUNITY project aims at fostering the cyber-security dialogue between Europe and Japan. It will study the research opportunities on cyber-security to elicit common topics of interest where joint research and development would be beneficial for both regions.

Latest cyber security & privacy initiatives


The CREDENTIAL project addresses the need for a secure and privacy-preserving cloud-based identity management and data-sharing platform. The project puts...


The overall objective of the COLA project is that by building on and extending current research results, it will define and provide a reference...


SUPERCLOUD researches and develops new security and dependability infrastructure management paradigm. Our approach is on one hand, User-Centric for self-...


Sebastiano Toffaletti - Digital SME Alliance

Why is important for SMEs?

It’s the opportunity to network, cooperate and learn more about cybersecurity threats and solutions from champions in the field. It’s also the chance to showcase solutions and best practices, sell products, and use cutting-edge services from the world of R&I.

Alejandro Varas Gálvez - CITIC is a great opportunity to find new products and services that can solve the problems of citizens and enterprises regarding to the protection from cyberattacks. Thanks to, the adoption of cybersecurity solutions will be easier for those who have found a weakness but do not know how to cover it. means a total change in how cybersecurity R&I projects can deliver their results.

Romina Colciago - AON

Why is important for EU companies? will provide the EU companies with easy access to the best and innovative solutions to address the cyber risks while also supporting the collaborations among the different actors at a European level.


NIST releases draft version of the NICE Framework

According to the NIST report, "The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework improves communication, about how to identify, recruit, develop, and retain cyber security talent". Employers, recruiters, and guidance counselors, for example, may use the framework as a resource when writing cybersecurity job descriptions, or use it to define with greater clarity the types of IT security professionals in the workforce.

Outcomes of First CIPSEC Workshop

On 15th June 2017, CIPSEC project has organized its first Workshop in Villanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Spain. The workshop was focussed on analysing security and quality demands for the particular critical infrastructures scenario.

The workshop “Security vs Quality: A Dilemma for Critical Infrastructures Management”, has been collocated with the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQoS,, a well-established conference in the QoS domain, in June 14, 2017.


AEGIS Project round-table at annual World e-ID and Cybersecurity conference

The main themes of the 13th edition of the annual World e-ID and Cybersecurity conference (link being held during September 25-27th, 2017 explores global cooperation...

Monday, 25 September, 2017 to Wednesday, 27 September, 2017
EUNITY Project Workshop – October 11-12, 2017

About the EUNITY Project

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017 to Thursday, 12 October, 2017


New set of measures to increase cybersecurity in the EU

On Tuesday 19th September, the European Commission and the High Representative proposed a wide-ranging set of measures to increase cybersecurity in the EU.

Vice president for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip together with fellow commissioners on security, Julian King, and digital affairs, Mariya Gabriel, detailed the plan to improve EU citizens and companies to tackle cyber threats by upgrading the EU's existing cybersecurity agency and encouraging  companies to improve their own defenses.