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Latest cyber security & privacy initiatives

COEMS - Continuous Observation of Embedded Multicore Systems

COEMS tackles the issues of detection and identification of non-deterministic software failures caused by race conditions and access to inconsistent data....

CLOUDSOCKET - Business Process as a Service

CloudSocket envisions the idea of “Business Process as a Service”, where domain-specific business processes like employee registration at social insurance,...

CITADEL - Critical Infrastructure Protection Using Adaptive Mils

CITADEL will provide innovative platform technology, methodology and tools for development, deployment, and certification of adaptive MILS systems for CI,...


Raul Perez

In the cybersecurity sector, where investigation and innovation are key, having one of the leading observatories in Europe on your side,, is an advantage. A meeting place for professionals to learn and share experiences with leaders in the sector; a window to a collaborative effort to create a more secure environment.

Sebastiano Toffaletti - Digital SME Alliance

Why is important for SMEs?

It’s the opportunity to network, cooperate and learn more about cybersecurity threats and solutions from champions in the field. It’s also the chance to showcase solutions and best practices, sell products, and use cutting-edge services from the world of R&I.

Alejandro Varas Gálvez - CITIC is a great opportunity to find new products and services that can solve the problems of citizens and enterprises regarding to the protection from cyberattacks. Thanks to, the adoption of cybersecurity solutions will be easier for those who have found a weakness but do not know how to cover it. means a total change in how cybersecurity R&I projects can deliver their results.

Romina Colciago - AON

Why is important for EU companies? will provide the EU companies with easy access to the best and innovative solutions to address the cyber risks while also supporting the collaborations among the different actors at a European level.


CYBERSEC - European Cybersecurity Forum

CYBERSEC’s mission is to foster the building of a Europe-wide cybsersecurity system.

Tuesday, 27 February, 2018
Investing Day For European Cybersecurity companies

Are you an entrepreneur in the field of cyber security? Are you looking for gaining international notoriety, funding or new growth opportunities to boost your venture? Is your company ready for the European market?

Thursday, 1 March, 2018


ePrivacy – The new EU law that scares digital businesses

A proposal for new EU regulation on e-privacy has entered the final stage of its approval process. If it becomes law many SMEs fear that their business models will be at threat. Also known as the “cookie law”, the new piece of legislation intends to regulate how businesses handle users’ personal data that are collected through websites and apps.