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Trusted Cloud

Trusted Cloud provides cloud solutions and services to gain greater control over sensitive and personal data. This initiative is a European solution to store digital data and contents, so that consumers and businesses in Europe do not have to worry on where and by whom their valuable digital age...

Latest cyber security & privacy initiatives

CREDENTIAL - Secure Cloud Identity Wallet

The CREDENTIAL project addresses the need for a secure and privacy-preserving cloud-based identity management and data-sharing platform. The project puts...

COLA - Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application

The overall objective of the COLA project is that by building on and extending current research results, it will define and provide a reference...

SUPERCLOUD - User-Centric Management Of Security And Dependability In Clouds Of Clouds

SUPERCLOUD researches and develops new security and dependability infrastructure management paradigm. Our approach is on one hand, User-Centric for self-...


Raul Perez

In the cybersecurity sector, where investigation and innovation are key, having one of the leading observatories in Europe on your side,, is an advantage. A meeting place for professionals to learn and share experiences with leaders in the sector; a window to a collaborative effort to create a more secure environment.

Sebastiano Toffaletti - Digital SME Alliance

Why is important for SMEs?

It’s the opportunity to network, cooperate and learn more about cybersecurity threats and solutions from champions in the field. It’s also the chance to showcase solutions and best practices, sell products, and use cutting-edge services from the world of R&I.

Alejandro Varas Gálvez - CITIC is a great opportunity to find new products and services that can solve the problems of citizens and enterprises regarding to the protection from cyberattacks. Thanks to, the adoption of cybersecurity solutions will be easier for those who have found a weakness but do not know how to cover it. means a total change in how cybersecurity R&I projects can deliver their results.

Romina Colciago - AON

Why is important for EU companies? will provide the EU companies with easy access to the best and innovative solutions to address the cyber risks while also supporting the collaborations among the different actors at a European level.


ENISA EICS Group - Call for Industrial IoT experts

ENISA launches this Call for Participation to invite experts in security of Industrial implementations of Internet of Things to participate in its expert group, EICS.

The European cybersecurity centres of expertise

The Commission is calling on all cybersecurity competence centres across the EU, whether public or private, to register their organisations and share information about their work and expertise.


International Cybersecurity Forum - 23/24 January, Lille

FIC is widely recognized as one of the most prominent event on cybersecurity and digital trust across Europe with its combination of trade show and forum's elements. The central subjcet of this edition will be "Hyperconnection: the resilience challenge".

Thursday, 25 January, 2018
CPDP 2018 - The internet of bodies

CPDP is a conference about privacy and data protection. It offers a forum where different voices are heard and where positions are compared debated, approached or differentiated.

Saturday, 27 January, 2018


Digital Opportunity – a call for SMEs to provide digital skills for Europe

Today, the European Commission launched Digital Opportunity, a new initiative to fund cross-border traineeships in ICT companies. Young ICT professionals that enroll in the program will receive an allowance of 500 euros per month. By this initiative, the Commission aims at training additional new ICT practitioners to cope with the shortage of skilled workforce in the digital economy.