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The Cyberwatching.eu team is honoured to be ranked as number one most active and influential project, and adding visibility to mutual communication efforts by the REVOLVE media as of 17th December 2020.

Trilateral Research and Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster Launch Workshops to Tackle the Challenges of Digitalisation in the Open-Finance Era

Over the last three weeks, Trilateral Research, in collaboration with the Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster, hosted a series of workshops to foster collaboration and discuss user needs and requirements in the financial services sector. 

The workshops were organised within the framework of SOTER, an EU funded project developing new technologies and a cybersecurity awareness training programme to prevent cybercrime risks in the financial sector.

SOTER: cyberSecurity Optimisation and Training for Enhanced Resilience in finance

As companies increasingly rely on Internet-based applications to do business, the privacy and security risks to which they and their customers are exposed on a daily basis grows exponentially. Cyber-attacks are no longer limited to high-level targets; they affect any business that depends on network applications, devices and systems. Increasingly sophisticated attacks also take advantage of insufficient security awareness, as well as the behaviour and attitudes of the people who manage or use them.

Webinar: Security and Privacy by Design for Healthcare


On 10th December, the Cyberwatching.eu is organising a webinar entitled "Security and Privacy by Design for Healthcare: New solutions from EU H2020 Projects to comply with GDPR, Medical Device Regulation, EU Directive 2016/1148 on essential services and COVID context" focussing on developed solutions that are effective and usable in the healthcare context to reduce the overall ex-ante risk, this includes threats specific to Covid-like situations.

Blog Post: Taxonomy of Threat Landscape

The Blog Post "Taxonomy of Threat Landscape" was written by CyberSANE Partner, Julio Navarro from S2 Group.

It carefully describes why a threat taxonomy is important for identifying detection and prevention approaches, as different cyberattacks require different methods according to their nature. In this sense, a specific threat taxonomy is proposed in the context of CyberSANE project in order to characterise the attacks against Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) and to develop adapted security mechanisms.

Blog Post: CyberSANE Methodology for gathering End Users requirements

Through different methodologies and tools, CyberSANE project has defined the requirements of Energy, Maritime Transport and Healthcare organisations which are acting as end-users within the project. This process has been essential to understanding the various demands of these CIIs and the technical necessities of their infrastructures.

Tackling personal data and trust with SOTER

We live in the era of the conscious consumer. People are asking more of brands and they’re aware when a brand’s behaviour breaches their sense of ethics. Businesses are subject to greater judgment than ever, and the public deliver their verdicts with their wallets.

Cyberwatching.eu project, CSA supported under Unit H1 of DG Connect, is aiming to cluster active projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, by identifying possible opportunities for lightweight synergies and supporting them with targeted support activities, such as joint webinars and outreach activities.

CONVERGENCE - Making the European Cybersecurity Competence Network a Reality

09/12/2020 to 11/12/2020

The Cyber Competence Network, comprising the four pilots CyberSec4EuropeSPARTACONCORDIA and ECHO, are delighted to announce a three-day concertation event from 9-11 December to be hosted online with the friendly support of the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU.



PUZZLE project is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework.

Future Events

Join us for a workshop on ePrivacy, its implications for SMEs, and how it differentiates from the GDPR, organised by DIGITAL SME’s Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence together with Cyberwatching.eu on 10 May, 11.30 – 13.00 CEST!


Join us on the FIWARE Cybersecurity DAY on 13 May 2021, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity, FIWARE, supported by the GUARD Project and Cyberwatching.eu, is bringing together cybersecurity experts to review innovative, integrated, and holistic approaches for a secure and trusted Digital Single Market, outlining the principles that are guiding the EU action in this domain.