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New Secondment for Michail Bampatsikos at BEIA Con.

Michail Bampatsikos, an early-stage researcher at the University of Piraeus from Greece, started his secondment on the 4th of October at BEIA Consult in Bucharest, Romania. The secondee was welcomed by management and employees of the company in his first days in Bucharest and was familiarized with the company’s offices.



SealedGRID on European Researchers’ Night

SealedGRID participated in an annual event on September 24 and 25 entitled European Researchers’ Night 2021. The initiative aims to bring closer the audience with the researchers and to discover the fascinating world of science in a fun and interactive environment.

New Joint Publication from BEIA and UPRC

Researchers from BEIA and UPRC conducted a research entitled “Secure and Interoperable Platform for Smart GRID Applications” which is a joint scientific publication and belongs to the Special Issue: State-of-the-Art Sensors Technology in Romania 2021.

SealedGRID Newsletter issue 9

The 9th SealedGRID’s e-Newsletter issue is ready here!

General Overview of the SealedGRID Project

The members of the SealedGRID project, despite the difficulties that have occurred due to the pandemic of COVID 19, contributed actively towards the creation of a video that describes the main purpose of the project. Furthermore, technical leaders and secondees are presenting the innovation of the project, the key components, and how SealedGRID will have an impact in the EU using state-of-the-art technologies.

New secondment for Alex Vulpe and Marius Vochin

Alex Vulpe and Marius Vochin from BEIA started a new secondment in UPRC, Greece. Currently, they are working in WP4 and WP6. In particular, they will not only work in finalizing the deliverable D4.2 but also in designing, developing, and implementing the first prototype of the SealedGRID platform. Furthermore, they will focus on choosing the testbed of the system that will be the pillar of the SealedGRID platform.

New Secondement for Ivan Palama at Fogus

New secondment for Ivan Palama from CNIT that is located in Italy, started last week at Fogus in Greece. The socondee will contribute to WP6 which handles the integration of individual components into a unified prototype platform and D6.1 “Initial system design and prototyping” which demonstrates the system design and initial stand-alone prototype of the SealedGRID platform.

New secondment for Giorgio Bernardinetti

Secondee Giorgio Bernardinetti from Italy and CNIT started for the second time his secondment to Fogus in Greece. Today he visited colleagues at the University of Piraeus, discussing the progress of the SealedGRID project and its next goals. Giorgio will contribute to finalizing D4.2 and D6.1.

SealedGRID Newsletter issue 8

The 8th SealedGRID’s e-Newsletter issue is ready here!



In the last few years, cyber security has become more of a priority for all types of organisations than ever before.

Future Events

The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC), with the support of ECCO, launches “The Info Days”, a series of events to share information on important European calls and funding opportunities. The second event, organised in cooperation with the Swedish National Coordination Centre, will be held on 16 June 14:00 – 16:00 in Stockholm, as a side event of the Digital Assembly(15 – 16 June).