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SECONDO Conference Call about D4.2

SECONDO technical call occurred call on 26/08/2020. During that call, researchers form each partner participated in presenting their research progress about the SECONDO project. During that call, the participants discussed important issues about the project progress and how to meet its expectations.

New Secondment for Researcher Nikos Chondrogiannis

Nikos Chondrogiannis, who is a researcher in Cromar, started on 13/8/202 his secondment at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT).  After his arrival, Nikos visited researchers from CUT at their laboratory.

They had a fruitful discussion about the project progress and their future collaboration. The researcher is going to work on WP4, WP5 for Project SECONDO.


New secondment for Aristeidis Farao and Panagiotis Bountakas

Aristeidis Farao and Panagiotis Bountakas who are researchers at the University of Piraeus yesterday(21/7/2020) started their secondment on Ubitech, Cyprus. Moreover, they visited researchers from the Cyprus University of Technology at their lab.

New secondment for Marco Antonio Rodriguez Flrorez

Marco Antonio Rodriguez Flrorez is a researcher at Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and a new SECONDO secondee. He started his secondment at CROMAR on 1/7/2020 and this is expected to end on 31/8/2020.

SECONDO Newsletter issue 4

The new SECONDO e-Newsletter is available!

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You can find it here.

Welcome to our September 2020 Newsletter. In this edition, you will learn how our Project of the Week programme helped to disseminate projects' results across the cybersecurity and privacy community in the last year. You will also be informed about recent updates from projects which are part of our Project hub, and much more.


September newsletter

Hey! Below you can find our latest newsletter. Check it out!

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2nd Virtual Plenary Meeting

One hour into our 2nd Virtual (because of COVID19) Plenary Meeting

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STOP-IT: Enhancing preparedness, detection and mitigation against cyber-physical threats

The digitalisation of the water industry is happening and it should not be "denied" because of security concerns. STOP-IT contributes to the digital transition by enhancing preparedness, detection and mitigation against cyber-physical threats with technological solutions. We also develop training activities and policies to ensure a safer, smarter, and more efficient water service to everyone.

- Rita Ugarelli, STOP-IT Project Coordinator Proposers Webinar


From April 2020 until November 2021, will launch 5 Open Calls for 3rd party applicants, with a total budget of 2.8 Million Euro. The calls are open to European organisations - SMEs, large enterprise, public organisations - wishing to carry out high-quality Research & Innovation activities, with a US-based counterpart, on NGI experimental platforms.



What are the challenges and (cybersecurity) issues the financial sector is currently facing? 

Future Events

Join our workshop on 30 October 2020 at 10am CET to learn how we are tacking cybersecurity in the financial sector and discuss Regulations, Digital Identity and more.



The Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester (formerly IP EXPO Manchester) is the North's biggest IT event, and it's completely free to attend.

It will offer the opportunity to learn all about the technologies that enable digital transformation: upgrade legacy systems to build modern infrastructure; migrate to a secure public, private or hybrid cloud; detect and prevent cyber attacks; improve business operations with AI and robotic process automation (RPA); collect data for effective analysis. 

04/11/2020 to 05/11/2020