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Conference call between UPRC and UBITECH about the RAOHM

Researchers from UPRC and UBITECH gad an internal conference call today (6/4/2020) in order to discuss issues about the RAOHM. The discussed about the RAOHM architecture and the utilized technologies. Moreover, they finalized the input and the output of the RAOHM. The RAOHM is a data harmonization tolls that receives as input the output of a Risk Analysis Toll and the output of the SEAM (Social Engineering Assessment Module).  Based on the input the module will harmonize the data utilizing state of the art technologies.

FENTEC Project: Increasing Trustworthiness of ICT solutions

FENTEC – Functional ENcryption TEChnologies is a Research and Innovation Action whose mission is to make the functional encryption paradigm ready for a wide range of applications, integrating it in ICT technologies as naturally as classical encryption.

H2020 Secure Societies Info Day & Brokerage Event


The event is organized by the Network of Secure Societies National Contact Points – SEREN4, in collaboration with the European Commission. This information day and brokerage event gives details on the 2020 calls for proposals published mid March 2020 under the Societal Challenge 7 "Secure Societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens".

Work From Home. Secure Your Business.

Securing your business is a challenge under the best of circumstances. The new need to work remotely makes it even more challenging.

We have pulled together our top recommended actions from the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit that you can implement quickly to reduce the risks associated with having a workforce that may not have been entirely ready to operate remotely.   

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Over the past years, a large number of substantial investments have been made by both national governments and the European Commission to support coordinated programmes of research and innovation projects within the broad domain of cybersecurity and privacy. Since some of these programmes are now completed and as the European Commission has transitioned from Framework 7 to Horizon 2020, what’s the impact that these programmes have had, and more specifically, what’s the status of each funded project in respect to its maturity, results and outputs?

The EC-funded project has created a marketplace which captures these diverse innovations and is home to the many results of R&I projects. By building and nurturing a community of dynamic innovators in cybersecurity & privacy areas, the project has created a grass roots environment for innovation exploitation and sustainability opportunities. This natural framework connects research results with both the demand and supply sides.

SECONDO researchers work from home during these days

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 aka coronavirus the SECONDO researchers work from home and continue their research. Being more specific, they design the SEAM and choose the most efficient social engineering assessment tools which shall meet the functional and the non-functional requirements of SEAM. The result of the SEAM will feed the RAOHM which will harmonize the data form SEAM and the Risk Analysis tool.


A framework in which we reflect on the latest research and advances in cryptography, functional encryption, digital data privacy and other state-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain.

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2nd General Assembly of CARAMEL Project

The 2nd General Assembly of Caramel Project took place in Aveiro, Portugal at the Fundação Engenheiro António Pascoal from 29 – 30 January 2020. In this session, the entire CARAMEL consortium, formed by academic and industry partners as well as the Project Coordinator and Technical Manager participated reviewing the actions carried out and defining the next steps to achieve the goals of CARAMEL Project.

All three pillars of CARAMEL were discussed:



What are the challenges and (cybersecurity) issues the financial sector is currently facing? 

Future Events

On 28th and 29th October 2020, will participate in CONCORDIA OPEN DOOR 2020. is holding a virtual-exhibitor stand to present the project to industry specialists and other event participants.

What is CONCORDIA Open Door?

28/10/2020 to 29/10/2020 organised a webinar entitled "Effective protection of Critical Infrastructures against cyber threats" taking place on 29 October 2020 at 11:00 CET, in collaboration with CyberSANE, and REACT projects, and ECSO.