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SealedGRID 4th Plenary Meeting

The 4th plenary meeting of the SealedGRID project was held in Malaga on 1, February. The meeting was organized and hosted by University of Malaga. The main discussion was the upgrade of the current SealedGRID architecture and the demonstration of the key Management Module. Finally, Aristeidis Farao, Vaios Bolgouras, Vasileios Tsolkas from NEUROSOFT and George Suciu from BEIA started their secondment at University of Malaga.

SealedGRID 3rd Plenary Meeting

The 3rd plenary meeting of the SealedGRID project was held in Bucharest on 19, December. The meeting was organized and hosted by BEIA.  The main discussion was the approval of the SealedGRID architecture and the collaboration within the secondments between BEIA and UPRC. Moreover, Prof. Xenakis demonstrated the progress of the Key Management module. The attendant partners presented the project progress and the future goals.

Networking Session “Software Engineering for Trustworthy Services and Applications” in ICT 2018

SealedGrid project was presented following the short presentations about results already achieved by projects from the Cluster on Software Engineering for Services and Applications (SE4SA) and challenges that are open for future research as well as space for discussion and comments.

GWS 2018 conference presentation

BEIA participated in the WPMC & GWS 2018 joint conference, between 25 and 28 November 2018 in Thailand, Chiang Rai. Alexandru Vulpe presented the paper entitled “Comparative Analysis of Distributed Ledger Technologies” that dealt with the challenges and opportunities provided by DLT, especially in the context of Smart Grids. The presentation was well received and generated large discussions on new research directions of DLTs and their potential applications. Also, A.

Celebrating Researcher’s Night in Athens

On Friday 28th of September researchers from University of Piraeus and Neurosoft demonstrated the SealedGRID project in Research Night. During the presentation we had fruitful discussion with promising students and visitors.

SealedGRID and Cyber Security Challenge 2018

The event”Cyber Security Challenge 2018″ took place in 26/9/2018 in University of Piraeus. Prof. Christos Xenakis presented the SealedGRID project.

Dissemination Material

Dissemination Material is now available from SealedGRID.

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SealedGRID Project Meeting

Neurosoft team members, Emmanouil Gravriil, Argyris Chrysanthou, Aristeidis Farao and Ruben Rios, had an internal meeting about the SealedGRID project. The meeting’s goal was the definition of the SealedGRID architecture and the evaluation of the project progress.

SealedGRID’s meeting in Athens

George Suciu and Alexandru Vulpe from BEIA visited Athens as part of SealedGRID project on July 6, 2018. Also they met with Prof. Christos Xenakis from University of Piraeus, Aristeidis Farao and Vaios Bolgouras from Neurosoft and Ruben Rios from University of Málaga. In the meeting there were representatives from all consortium’s members.

SealedGRID’s research visit

Ruben Rios from University of Malaga is visiting Athens for 2 months as part of SealedGRID project. Today, Ruben met with Prof. Christos Xenakis from University of Piraeus and Aristeidis Farao and Vaios Bolgouras from Neurosoft.



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