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Join the Project Clustering activity now!

As part of the analysis of the cybersecurity and privacy R&D landscape, Cyberwatching.eu has been conducting an MTRL analysis of the projects in the Project Hub as described in D2.3 Methodology for the classification of projects and market readiness. Within this activity, a total of 65 projects have sent us their MTRL self-evaluation in the campaigns that have been carried out every 6 months, to assess their progress.

In June 2020, as a continuation of these activities, a series of meetings were held between projects with similar MTRL score, with the aim of finding synergies that could guide them to carry out joint activities, with the support of Cyberwatching.eu. As a result, several a series of topic-oriented webinars were held in which those projects were able to give visibility to their R&D results.



Cyberwatching.eu has now launched a new section on its website to accommodate these project clusters around topics of common interest, giving new projects the option to join existing clusters or propose a new cluster around a specific sector or technology related to cybersecurity.

Introducing the Project Clustering initiative

The Cyberwatching.eu is pleased to share with you the Project Clustering page, where you could find and collaborate with the existing project clustering  around the cybersecurity and privacy community. Cyberwatching.eu has supported collaboration and mini-clusters between R&I projects focusing on cybersecurity solutions and best practices in vertical sectors and horizontal topics.

This initiative is one of our goals in identifying ways to cluster active projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, identifying possible opportunities for lightweight synergies and supporting them with targeted support activities, such as joint webinars and outreach activities.

The clusters have been created according to the similarity of projects in their Marketing Readiness Level (MRL) at this point of their execution.

Cyberwatching.eu is offering support in the organisation, hosting and promotion of public webinars involving the projects clustered according to their target sectors. Cyberwatching has proposed helping with a summary documents showcasing the main outputs of the discussion groups, which can be sent to the European Commission. Here are some of the joint recommendation reports that we created as part of this initiative. We are also giving them visibility to reach a wider array of audience through the social media campaigns within the European cybersecurity and privacy community.

See the Project Clustering page and see the interesting cluster groups. If you want to join or you want to suggest a new cluster please send us your request.


PUZZLE project is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework.

Future Events

Join us for a workshop on ePrivacy, its implications for SMEs, and how it differentiates from the GDPR, organised by DIGITAL SME’s Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence together with Cyberwatching.eu on 10 May, 11.30 – 13.00 CEST!


Join us on the FIWARE Cybersecurity DAY on 13 May 2021, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity, FIWARE, supported by the GUARD Project and Cyberwatching.eu, is bringing together cybersecurity experts to review innovative, integrated, and holistic approaches for a secure and trusted Digital Single Market, outlining the principles that are guiding the EU action in this domain.