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Catalogue of Clusters

The first European Cybersecurity and Privacy Cluster catalogue Clusters play a vital role in the Cybersecurity and privacy ecosystem.

With numbers increasing at national/regional/local levels across Europe and associated countries they are offer an excellent opportunity for new providers of CS&P services to actually reach their potential users.  
The catalogue is made up of 66 clusters from all over Europe which have a focus on Cybersecurity and Privacy, have members that are well-known in the sector and are strategically aligned with the goal of the cyberwatching.eu project.

By creating this unique catalogue, our goal is to make it easier for clusters to be found based on specific cybersecurity and privacy topics.
This is a unique chance for CS&P clusters to effectively reinforce their reputation as well as showcase their events, projects and initiatives (national and pan-European). In addition, clusters have a variety of opportunities to collaborate and create research and partnership with multiple actors in the space.

Make sure your entry is accurate:  to ensure we have the right information, we kindly ask cluster representatives to update or improve the information that we have published. If your cluster is not in the catalogue, you can also register.
You can do this here: https://www.cyberwatching.eu/submit-your-csp-cluster

Irish Software Innovation Network

Technology Ireland Innovation Forum will drive transformational, innovative, and impactful collaboration throughout the digital technology cluster by supporting organisations to scale.

Mission Statement


Vision of IT Circle Cluster is coordination and integration of methods and resources to create an organization that can appear on the market as an authority and a regional leader and to accomplish more complex projects in Serbia and the EU. Our vision also is to become the most reliable supplier of innovative IT services, products and organizational support systems.


IT&C Cluster "Lower Danube"

•Increase the capacity of research - development  (R & D), stimulating cooperation between institutions of research - development and innovation (RDI) and enterprises and increase access of companies to CDI

•Identify and promote initiatives that generate innovative products and services.

•Generate research, development and innovation projects

•Organize trainig programs, qualification and improvement open for the specialized cluster memebers and also for all that are interested.

•Represent the IT&C interests in front of any state institution.

Klaster B+R&I

Mission: Building an innovative knowledge-based economy through the intelligent management of research and development.

Primary goal: Mutual cooperation of enterprises, business associations, non-profit organizations, research institutes and the other for the implementation of joint projects and ventures.


The mission of Klaster.info is competes with international companies and the desire to systematically enlarning domestic and foreign markets by raising competitiveness. We want our offer brings you the alternative. Our Cluster creates the conditions to make a strong ICT Development of Industry, encourages innovation, stimulates the development of cooperation, pursues common objectives of members of the association.

Košice IT Valley

The vision of Košice IT Valley cluster is creating regional partnership of IT companies, education institutions and regional authorities that will contribute to extension and quality increase of educational programs, creation of broad portfolio of job opportunities for qualified work force and the elaboration of a common strategy necessary for achieving prosperity of the region of Eastern Slovakia and thus ensuring gradual increase of quality of life of its cit

Kyiv IT Cluster

KYIV IT Cluster is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to unite and develop the whole IT community of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and the area with the most IT potential in the country. We have several projects aimed both on educating the community, building relationships with our local authorities and also - on helping local companies to promote and establish partnerships with abroad companies

Latvian IT Cluster

Latvian IT Cluster vision: To be and effective partner for initiatives and activities that are focused on Latvian Information and Communication Technologies sector development and on increasing international competitiveness.

Mission: Promoting collaboration of companies in the field of Information and Communication Technologies industry and other interested partners, especially development of cross-sectoral cooperation to increase each company and industry competence and competitiveness.

LSEC - Leaders in Security

European centre of expertise on ict security and cyber security, bringing together both ict security vendors, end users, researchers and policy makers. Supporting the European Cyber Security expertise in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Mazovia Cluster ICT

The mission of the Mazovia cluster ICT is to bridge the gap between the action and conditions for SME’s development in the metropolitan area and the rest of the Voivodship. Cluster accomplishes this mission by establishing and developing cooperation between sector of computer science enterprises, telecommunication, telecommunication and electronic media R&D units, universities and business institutions and local authorities in the area of Warsaw and outside metropolitan area.


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On the event of the adoption of the draft regulation laying down measures for a high common level of cybersecurity at the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union, the AI4HealthSec project kicked off a process to provide its opinion.