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Catalogue of Clusters

The first European Cybersecurity and Privacy Cluster catalogue Clusters play a vital role in the Cybersecurity and privacy ecosystem.

With numbers increasing at national/regional/local levels across Europe and associated countries they are offer an excellent opportunity for new providers of CS&P services to actually reach their potential users.  
The catalogue is made up of 66 clusters from all over Europe which have a focus on Cybersecurity and Privacy, have members that are well-known in the sector and are strategically aligned with the goal of the cyberwatching.eu project.

By creating this unique catalogue, our goal is to make it easier for clusters to be found based on specific cybersecurity and privacy topics.
This is a unique chance for CS&P clusters to effectively reinforce their reputation as well as showcase their events, projects and initiatives (national and pan-European). In addition, clusters have a variety of opportunities to collaborate and create research and partnership with multiple actors in the space.

Make sure your entry is accurate:  to ensure we have the right information, we kindly ask cluster representatives to update or improve the information that we have published. If your cluster is not in the catalogue, you can also register.
You can do this here: https://www.cyberwatching.eu/submit-your-csp-cluster

Bavarian Information and Communication Technology Cluster

BICCnet, the Bavarian Information and Communication Technology Cluster, aims to activate and interlink the innovation and productivity potential of the Bavarian enterprises, research centres and universities. And to connect the cluster ecosystem to collaboration partners in Europe.

BICCnet is responsible for:

Brainport Development - High Tech Software cluster

The High Tech Software Cluster takes care of recognizability and visibility of her member companies nationally and abroad, and offers a platform on which new products & services that meet the conditions of the present and future markets (from manufacturing to Smart Industry 4.0) are very rapidly and innovatively developed.

BrainsBusiness - ICT North Denmark

BrainsBusiness mission is to strengthen and develop the ICT environment in North Denmark - for the benefit of business, municipalities, region, research and educational institutions.

Bydgoszcz IT Cluster

BKI is an organisation of IT industry companies and universities based in Bydgoszcz. Mission of the association is to take measures in order to further cooperation between entrepreneurs and research institutions, as well as increase competitiveness and innovation. Moreover, its members take actions in order to create systems supporting entrepreneurs, promote IT as a key industry for the region, build up the prestige and development of higher education, and activate the labor market in the ICT sector.

Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica

Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica promotes the idea that ICT is key to economic and social progress.

Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica encourages the maturation and consolidation of the IT sector in the Canaries by facilitating the development of innovative products and services aimed at national and international markets.

Cap Digital

Cap Digital was created as a result of a public policy for the development of economic sectors with strong growth potential located in the same geographical area. Since 2009, the cluster has been implementing the Paris Region’s strategy for digital content and services, supporting innovative SMEs in this field.
Our 1000 members are primarily innovative SMEs but also major universities, higher education establishments, research labs, and corporations focused on a specific technology-driven industry (Triple helix cluster).

Cluj IT Cluster

Founded in october 2012, Cluj IT is an innovation based value chain network of Romanian IT companies and related organizations with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness and growth of IT services and products on international markets and of forging a strong sustainable public – private partnership in order to improve the life quality of the community we are part of. Cluj IT Cluster also strives towards the enhancement of innovation capabilities of our members, in particular, and of the Romanian IT industry in general. Our focus is on:

Clúster Digital de Catalunya

The Cluster TIC Digital’s mission is to catalize the resources of ICT catalan sector, by multiplying their individual capabilities and taking profit of the sinergies existing between the agents, contribute to the development of the companies by increasing their competitiveness and turnover with new products and intensives services of knowledge and high added value, as well as positionning the Cluster and its members as a reference of collaborative innovation at local and internacional level.

Cluster TIC Galicia

The Galician ICT Cluster, known as Cluster TIC Galicia, is a private non-profit business association led by Industry and founded in 2008 to bring together companies, business associations, professional associations and other stakeholders from the Galician ICT sector. It is active in the whole value chain of the ICT macro sector and works closely with the Galician Universities and Research Centres.

Compare - Competence area ICT

Our main focus is to find a way to match our ICT companies with small- and middlesized enterprises that wants to develop their business through digital transformation. This is also a challange in the public sector in which we are working closely with the municipality of Karlstad and the county of Värmland to find ways to have the ICT companies support the public sector when implementing digital technology in their organizations.


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On the event of the adoption of the draft regulation laying down measures for a high common level of cybersecurity at the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union, the AI4HealthSec project kicked off a process to provide its opinion.