Oblivious identitY Management for Private and User-friendly Services

Leonardo Marino

01 September 2018

31 August 2021

EC funded project



OLYMPUS will address the challenges associated to the use of privacy-preserving identity management solutions by establishing an interoperable European identity management framework based on novel cryptographic approaches applied to currently deployed identity management technologies. In particular, OLYMPUS will employ distributed cryptographic techniques to split up the role of the online IDP over multiple authorities, so that no single authority can impersonate or track its users.


1. To establish an oblivious identity management framework that ensures secure and privacy-friendly virtual identity management interactions for citizens accessing services in Europe, based on novel cryptographic mechanisms.

2. To establish solid links between citizens’ physical and digital identities and the derivation of additional digital identities to enable privacy-preserving transactions backed by strong identities for citizens.

3. To ease integration of the OLYMPUS identity management system into existing technologies and deployments by minimizing the requirements on user hardware, offering user-friendly authentication using passwords or biometrics, without requiring trusted hardware or software.

4. To validate the OLYMPUS framework in high-impact real-world scenarios that allow to prove the feasibility and advantages of the proposed ecosystem to address technological, legal and social requirements on secure digital identities in Europe.


Who is the project designed for?

Public Sector Organizations, IT SMEs, Researchers, Security Software Industry, End User Organizations, Policy & Regulators, ICT Sectors, Academia.


How will your project benefit the end-user?

Address the challenges associated wo the use of privacy-preserving identity management.

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