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SAFECARE: Creating an integrated cyber-physical security system for healthcare infrastructure

Leveraging the most advanced and innovative technologies related to the detection of physical and cyber threats, SAFECARE interconnects monitoring systems to provide a complete overview of the environment. By correlating different data sources, it is possible to provide an enlarged and relevant vision of physical and cyber impacts, taking into account potential cascading effects on patients, staff and hospital assets. These features reveal ultimately crucial to support healthcare infrastructures in complying with the GDPR and the NIS Directive notification requirements. David Lancelin, Technical Coordinator of the project

SAFECARE is creating an integrated cyber-physical security system for healthcare infrastructure. In basic terms, this means that it is taking inputs from two separate systems (physical and cyber) and displaying them through one interface panel and security software. The innovative part of the project is building an integrated system so that it analyses separate incidents from both systems and classes them as innocent or elevates them to a threat that a member of the security team should consider.

SAFECARE provides a holistic approach to address not only cyber but also integrated cyber-physical threats. The innovative and cost-effective cyber-physical security tools offered enhanced prevention, detection, response and mitigation capacities, integrated with hospital systems and without interference to the medical services, doctors tasks and patients’ care. Critical assets, vulnerabilities, threats and risks, specifically of the healthcare sector, are analyzed leading to real and focused cyber situation awareness. All the above, combined with a set of best practices, will improve end-user awareness by providing them structured crisis management and an enlarged and relevant vision during the response, leading to enhanced resilience.

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