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Advanced Networked Agents for Security and Trust Assessment

16 January 2020

Today, IoTs applications often overlook the protection of personal data, which recently led to a number of cyber-attacks on it. Project Hub: EU projects’ unique entry point - register and manage your page now

15 January 2020

Since the early 90’s, the EU has been investing in cybersecurity research and innovation.


13 January 2020

ANASTACIA project is this week's Project of the Week form 13-17 January 2020.

Values and Ethics in Responsible Technology in Europe

10 January 2020

The future of Horizon Europe depends on thinking beyond the current ethical debates.

Jumpstart your own Pilot with

07 January 2020

The 2nd Open Pilots Workshop will be held in Lille Grand Palais (France) on 31 January 2020 will give the opportunity to SMEs to define a customised learning path based on their...


07 January 2020

The's featured project of the week for 6-10 January 2020 is project VIRT-EU.

Trusted Computing

07 January 2020

After the successful submission of the D5.1, the seconded researchers continue their research activities on the SealedGRID project.

Deliverable D5.1 “First version of the authorization componen”

30 December 2019

SealedGRID researchers from UPRC, UMA, BEIA and NEURO finalize the deliverable D5.1 which is part of the WP5 ” Authorization and Security Interoperability “.

UCO Platform's benefits for business: story from the 12 SMEs

24 December 2019

After almost a year, 12 SMEs have completed their journey with the UCO Platform developed by the H2020 project UNICORN.


24 December 2019

The's featured project of the week for 23-27 December is project UNICORN.

SealedGRID Researchers

22 December 2019

BEIA researchers continued their secondments in UPRC and had a brief meeting on 16/12/2019 with Davide Ferraris form UMA in UPRC. They discussed issues about the authorization components.

ENCASE advanced parental advice tools are being launched at schools

19 December 2019

ENCASE along with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute are arranging for the advanced parental ad


Future Events

One of the goals of the project is to identify ways to cluster (still active) projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, and support these with targeted support activities (webinars, deep dives, focus events, etc.) is organising two (2) separate virtual meetings with two different groups of projects, in order to help them improve their market capabilities.

09/07/2020 to 16/07/2020

COINS is the premier conference devoted to omni-layer techniques for smart AIdriven IoT systems, by identifying new perspectives and highlighting impending research issues and challenges.

27/07/2020 to 29/07/2020