14th Meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe, Resilient Societies

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16/09/2019 to 19/09/2019
Last 18th September, the Cyberwatching project represented by Michel Drescher (UOXF) presented one of the project's main asset, the PROJECT RADAR in the 14th Meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe, Resilient Societies which was held last 16-20 September 2019 in Brussels, BAO Congress Centre (rue Félix Hap 11, 1040 Brussels).
Cyberwatching presentation titled "Visualising the EC H2020 Cybersecuirty (Research) landscape" was based on the well known "Technology Radar" methodology developed and open-sourced by ThoughtWorks, the Cyberwatching.eu project uses a number of underpinning information sources to visualise the state of the art of these projects as a means to maintain oversight of the larger European Cybersecurity research landscape.

The PROJECT RADAR allows making swift yet statistically sound statements on the state of the art of the European cybersecurity and privacy research landscape. Generic in its implementation, the PROJECT RADAR  technology can be adapted to other domains with reasonable effort, making it a valuable asset in the toolbox for anyone seeking oversight of an inherently complex landscape.

  • Thematic Group 5 : Protection of Public Spaces - Monday 16 September Agenda
  • Thematic Group 6 : Critical Infrastructure Protection - Tuesday 17 September, Wednesday 18 September Agenda
  • Thematic Group 7 : Organized Crime - Wednesday 18 September, Thursday 19 September Draft Agenda
  • Citizen's Awareness - Thursday 19 September Draft Agenda
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