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DSP Valley

DSP Valley brings together the triple helix parties: companies, research institutes, the regional authorities together with other relevant stakeholders (investors, service providers, users, …) that play an important role in the entire value chain of smart solutions enabled by digital technologies.

The mission of DSP Valley is to improve the competitiveness and to accelerate the growth of the cluster by setting up activities and services that support the cluster members in:

  1. Building emerging and cross-disciplinary value chains
  2. Getting access to the international and global market
  3. Getting access to the required resources: i.e. state of the art technology and competences or public and private funding

Cluster Country:

Cluster Region:


Startup OLÉ 2023 will take place from the 4th – 7th of September, and has gather along its history +40.000 attendees from +120 countries; +1.500 startups, scaleups and spin offs; +1.200 speakers; +300 corporates and investors with investment portfolio of over €100kM. Our goal is to present the pr

Future Events


Terrorist Content Online (TCO): how to prevent it?

How terrorist organisations spread TCO and what can be done to stop it

Terrorists and violent extremists are increasingly trying to find new ways to exploit the internet. The growth of terrorist propaganda to recruit and inspire attacks is a risk to us all.


Water Knowledge Europe

Networking and Brokerage Event

17-19 October 2023, BluePoint, Brussels

17/10/2023 to 19/10/2023