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01/06/2018 to 31/07/2018

The SIMPL project is developing a modular security platform that enables the use of blockchain technology in the IoT area. Blockchain is a distributed, concatenated and continuously expandable database. The individual chain blocks are linked together using cryptographic methods. Later transactions in the database build on previous transactions and it is made impossible to manipulate the existence or content of the previous transactions.

Through the use of Blockchain, the project contributes to improving safety in large, dynamic and heterogeneous systems. The security architecture to be developed in SIMPL should explicitly use resource-saving approaches and techniques that can also be used in simple IoT devices. This is achieved in particular by the development of new block-chain verification algorithms, which have a low demand for computing power and memory requirements.

Furthermore, the compatibility with existing communication technologies is to be ensured. For this purpose, an additional, independent security layer is provided, which is compatible with various communication protocols. These communication protocols regulate the exchange of data between IoT devices. The project developments are being tested using two demonstrators - one for industrial manufacturing and one for e-health.

Friday, 10 August, 2018


The 2nd Concertation Meeting of H2020 projects from unit H1 "Cybersecurity & Privacy” gathered over 60 representatives from all projects in the unit in order to dis

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