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01/01/2014 to 31/12/2017

The aim of the NGCert project is to develop the basics and procedures for dynamic certification. This is to ensure that all relevant quality and safety requirements of the certificate are adhered to at all times, even if technical innovations are integrated into the services. For this purpose, metrics must be defined that make IT security measurable and by means of which it can be continuously checked whether, for example, the criteria of a certificate are still met after a software or hardware update. At the same time, the verification of the certificate criteria should be automated. This allows users to be sure at all times that their security and privacy requirements are fully met.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2018


mF2C addresses the need for open and coordinated management of fog and cloud computing systems.

Future Events

The CYBERSECURITY WEEK 2019 will be held on 15-25 October in Luxembourg.

15/10/2019 to 25/10/2019

The CYBERSEC2019 will be held on 29-30 October 2019 in Katowice, Poland. This is a public policy conference dedicated to strategic security aspects of the global technology revolution and a thriving inter-national community that combines the knowledge and experience of experts and professionals.

29/10/2019 to 30/10/2019