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Pervade Software

Pervade Software is an independent software vendor with strong roots in the capital of Wales and three award-winning products.

OpView™  is the most flexible security monitoring system on the market which leverages a completely new database architecture to collect, correlate and report on all data types so you can successfully monitor security (SIEM), vulnerability, configuration & availability (SOC), performance, asset & flow (NOC) all in a single configurable system.


Haruspex helps to predict, according to the desired level of confidence, how an ICT infrastructure could be attacked, before the cyber attacks occur in reality, thus providing solutions to neutralize the attackers, making it the perfect match for securing the IT/OT systems.

The prediction can be performed both before the attacks occurs or in real time, under attack, allowing an unmatched level of Cyber Resilience of IT/OT infrastructure.


How it works, operationally

FrontEndART Limited

FrontEndART Ltd. was founded by researchers of the Software Engineering Department of the University of Szeged. FrontEndART Ltd. specializes in software quality assurance through automated source code analysis. The wide range of developed products revolves around accomplishing better software for a better, safer and less wasteful world. 


Our team of experts has been working more than 20 years of experience providing cyber-security services to international companies.

Our goal is to offer the best service to our customers, always offering the solution that best suits their needs with a 24x7 service the 365 days. We provide  Ethical Hacking services, cybersecurity, anti-fraud, antiphishing, antimalware and early threat detection services, guaranteeing the correct maintenance of your computer systems with constant monitoring.

Your systems will be protected and ready when you need them.


The Mobile OS that respects personal data

/e/ is a unique privacy by design ecosystem that combines a mobile OS, carefully selected apps, and online associated services, offering full privacy while matching consumers’ expectations of ease of use and convenience. With its emphasis on design and experience, /e/ is meant for everyone.


LastInfosec offers innovative and automated solutions to collect available intelligences, refine them and turn them into quality information immediately available to improve the protection, detection and investigation capabilities of companies and government organizations.

Shorr Kan IT Engineering S.r.L.

SKIT Cyber security (SKIT) has more than eighteen years of experience in IT security field, assisting a multitude of companies in different sectors, including telecommunications, government, banking, insurance and energy.


Management Consulting firm focused on cyber and information security.



The Tech.eu Summit gathered over a thousand tech enthousiasts to Brussels, Belgium, on 17 May 2022. GEIGER was present at the expo hall, introducing the solution to the visitors at its booth, and giving them a sneak peak to the alpha version of the GEIGER app.

Future Events

We have achieved many exciting and interesting results during the SOCCRATES project, highlighted in many dissemination activities. At this point in time, however, the project will soon be finalized. That is why in this final SOCCRATES webinar, we want to focus on how we have exploited or plan to exploit these results, to ensure a continuous impact also after the project has ended. As a starting point, we will provide a short demonstration of the SOCCRATES pilot platform, following one of the SOCCRATES use cases.