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Encrypted File Transfer System

EnCloak: Unique secure hardware to make high-grade file encryption easy...

Securely share files using custom designed hardware without the need for software or services.
Connect to any computer and securely encrypt/decrypt/hide documents for personal or shared team use.


Acts and looks just like a standard flash drive

All EnCloak devices behave exactly like a standard USB flash drive.
Everything is carried out using common file operations, making them portable and simple to use.
EnCloak functionality is totally concealed from casual users.
But it's not a stoarge device - no files are premanently retained!

No software or cloud services required

No software installation or cloud services are required: use with any computer, OS, or corporate environment that allows removable drives to be connected.
Everything is hardware-based, ensuring freedom from keyloggers, snooping and backdoors.

Totally secure

A 100% embedded hardware solution designed to be secure at every level.
Encryption keys are unknown by the manufacturer and are reset by the user during initial configuration.
No open encryption key exchange.

EnCloak CONNECT (Evaluation kits available now!)

EnCloak CONNECT is a dedicated hardware device intended to facilitate transfer and sharing of encrypted documents amongst a small group for whom privacy is paramount. Each group member requires a CONNECT device.
It is not a storage device – no sensitive files are retained once unplugged. And no software needs to be installed; everything is managed though familiar file operations.
When initially connected to any computer it appears to be a normal flash drive (1GB), but when your credentials are entered (in a unique way) the drive will re-attach revealing an additional hidden EnCloak partition, which is used for AES-256 file encryption and decryption through drag and drop operations.
Whilst EnCloak CONNECT may be used by an individual to securely encrypt personal files that are stored externally, the real power lies in the ability to form a single group of CONNECT devices. Files encrypted by a CONNECT device may only be decrypted by the original device or others within the EnCloak Group. In this way, an Encrypted Transfer System is effectively created between remote EnCloak devices, permitting files to be securely transferred between two parties via any method (flash drive, email, cloud service, etc…)
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Benefit for Customer: 

EnCloak Connect

Ideal for small, distributed (even anonymous) teams where file security is paramount. EnCloak CONNECT facilitates sharing of files amongst team members who have paired EnCloak devices. AES-256 encrypted files may be safely emailed or even placed on cloud services, and cannot be compromised. Totally portable without the need for any software or sevices to operate means there are no backdoors or traceability. No files are retained on the devices even though they act as falsh drives - they are purely encryption engines.
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EnCloak File Encryption Hardware
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Engineering & manufacturing
Finance & insurance
National government agencies

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