Dora Meleg

United States
3500 South Dupont HWY, Dover, Delaware, 19901, US
Small and Medium Enterprise

As former security researchers, we founded BugProve to deliver the level of security that IoT deserves! 

Upload a firmware to our automated analysis platform and receive your security report within minutes. You will receive a list of components and known vulnerabilities, with the option for continuous CVE monitoring, ticking an important box for compliance.

Our platform includes a built-in zero-day detection engine called PRIS. It helps you detect memory corruption vulnerabilities before others can exploit them, and we also provide remediation recommendations.

No source code is required; all checks run on the firmware:

  • advanced static and dynamic analysis

  • unique multi-binary taint analysis

  • cryptographic analysis

  • hardening and security configuration checks

You can easily share your findings via live links or export them as PDFs for convenient reporting.

We offer a Free Plan with SSO, allowing you to try the product yourself!


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Product Security Simplified for the Internet of Things