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Our team of experts has been working more than 20 years of experience providing cyber-security services to international companies.

Our goal is to offer the best service to our customers, always offering the solution that best suits their needs with a 24x7 service the 365 days. We provide  Ethical Hacking services, cybersecurity, anti-fraud, antiphishing, antimalware and early threat detection services, guaranteeing the correct maintenance of your computer systems with constant monitoring.

Your systems will be protected and ready when you need them.


The Mobile OS that respects personal data

/e/ is a unique privacy by design ecosystem that combines a mobile OS, carefully selected apps, and online associated services, offering full privacy while matching consumers’ expectations of ease of use and convenience. With its emphasis on design and experience, /e/ is meant for everyone.


LastInfosec offers innovative and automated solutions to collect available intelligences, refine them and turn them into quality information immediately available to improve the protection, detection and investigation capabilities of companies and government organizations.

Shorr Kan IT Engineering S.r.L.

SKIT Cyber security (SKIT) has more than eighteen years of experience in IT security field, assisting a multitude of companies in different sectors, including telecommunications, government, banking, insurance and energy.


Management Consulting firm focused on cyber and information security.

Studio Fiorenzi

Digital Forensics investigation, Cyber Security, Compliance (GDPR, ISO 27001)


Wibu-Systems is an innovative technology leader in the global software license lifecycle management market.


Axence has been providing professional solutions for the comprehensive management of IT infrastructure for companies and institutions all over the world for more than 13 years.


Enigmedia offers a unique technology able to meet the industrial requirements regarding time delays in real-time communications, while securely protecting these communications and managing their access rights.