Davos Networks

Bajram Hoxha

Eisenbahnstrasse, Thun, Switzerland
IT Consultancy/Development

Davos Networks is a Swiss based start-up company offering comprehensive cyber security solutions. We provide Suisse Bounty, a cutting edge crowdsourced security platform that utilizes augmented intelligence to discover and secure vulnerable applications.

With our solution we are changing the perception on cyber security: namely directly through the hacker’s eyes. Whilst standard secure development is employed, Suisse Bounty is taking the offensive approach to security, by bringing in the hacker’s mindset of operation, deeply integrating security testing directly into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for dynamic, continuous and adversary testing and ensuring the best practice standards to meet compliance objectives.

We have teamed up with a talented team of penetration testers in providing cutting edge targeted security assessments to verify the quality of your security posture, IT infrastructure and employees.

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The best cyber security protections start with a strong cyber security assessment.