Red Alert Labs, a Specialist in IoT Cybersecurity Strategies, Presents Its Security Certification Offer for IoT Devices

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With the rise of the Internet of Things, cyberattacks are becoming more and more aggressive and frequent. They no longer target only critical infrastructures, but also industrial environments, businesses, and the general public.

Connected objects improve productivity and quality of life, but they often present significant vulnerabilities. This leads many users and organizations to fear, among other things, the impacts on the security of their personal and sensitive data, causing a crisis of confidence.

Red Alert Labs was founded to bring back the confidence in how secure IoT can be. The international, French-based company offers innovative services that allow manufacturers and buyers to assess the security of their connected products and solutions.

The Flaws of Connected Devices

In 2020, the number of connected devices on the planet will exceed the 20 billion mark. However, some devices are genuine “strainers” in terms of safety. This is particularly the case with voice-activated speakers, which can be permanently listened to by other parties. Then come doorbells connected with cameras, connected pacemakers, connected cars, or intelligent industrial sensors, as some of the most pirated systems.

The vulnerabilities of the IoT can thus be exploited by malicious individuals every day. The vast majority of problems can be avoided with the assistance of a specialist in IoT security. This allows manufacturers to guarantee buyers and consumers the minimum level of security, which gives them confidence in these devices.

New Laws to Strengthen Security

Legislators are already making laws to protect users. On January 1, 2020, a new law on IoT came into effect in the state of California, which strengthens the protection of connected objects.

In the EU, The European Cybersecurity Act was published on June 7, 2019, to combat the current fragmentation of certifications, reduce costs and administrative expenses for businesses, and strengthen a single digital market.

Organizations and Standards

At the same time, organizations like ENISA, EUROSMART, IoTSF, GSMA, IoXt, and ECSO, have established guidelines and standards for best practices in cybersecurity.

Eurosmart, the voice of the digital security industry, has thus developed a certification scheme based on the EU law and adapted to the technical and commercial constraints of IoT objects. The ETSI and CEN-CENELEC have also recently issued a cybersecurity standard for IoT devices, ETSI EN 303 645.

Red Alert Labs – the Partner of IoT Device Manufacturers

Red Alert Labs is evolving its security offer. The company assesses IoT products and solutions, and it verifies through a transparent procedure that they comply with the normative requirements based on predefined security criteria.

Red Alert Labs intervenes at all stages of the product’s life cycle and secures the entire IoT environment: components, software, mobile applications, networks, and the Cloud.

The assessment is carried out quickly, in a period of two to 15 days, and at low cost (from 3,000 to 12,000 euros) compared to most existing certification schemes. An IoT device can thus be assessed for its resilience against all known cyberattacks, based on scenarios imagined by security experts and ethical hackers.

This procedure thus creates confidence for end-users and businesses, assuring them that due diligence has been carried out.

Support services from Red Alert Labs

Red Alert Labs also offers support services, as well as IoT cybersecurity training and workshops. This support aims to prepare its customers to meet the requirements of various cybersecurity regulations and standards and implement best practices in assessing the resilience of their products.

Red Alert Labs also intervenes regularly by supporting its customers to define the strategy and governance schemes adapted to the context of each company and its scope of activity within the framework of IoT.

About Red Alert Labs

Red Alert Labs is a French company whose mission is to restore confidence in the Internet of Things. It provides security advisory and assessment services to companies that manufacture or purchase IoT products or solutions. It acts as an IoT security partner by helping these organizations secure their solutions and make the right strategic decisions, while finding a balance between security needs and the needs of business.

The expertise of Red Alert Labs has been recognized by numerous awards, including the Label France Cybersecurity for 2019 and the 2019 award from the French IoT community. The company was also nominated for the IoT Global Awards in 2018. Red Alert Labs co-founded IoTSF and is a contributing member of EUROSMART, ACN, SYSTEMATIC, CONNECTWAVE, CEN-CENELEC, and ECSO.