SMESEC project Open Call for SMEs and SME associations

SMESEC has released an open call for SMEs and SME associations in order to validate SMESEC framework and at the same time improve their systems’ security.


SMESEC is inviting SMEs to participate in the validation of the SMESEC framework. By participating you not only have influence on the evaluation of the SMESEC framework, but also improve your own company security and get up to €20.000 of funds!

Each selected SME will be able to use the complete framework for free, gaining a multitude of benefits such as:
• Improving security and reducing the risk of cyber attacks.
• Increasing security awareness for employees.
• Gaining up to €20.000 of funds per participant. 


Important Dates

Submission Start
March 12, 2019

Submission deadline
End of April 2019

Start of Participation in SMESEC
June 2019

For more information you can refer to SMESEC web page  or the page of the open call