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Cybersecurity Awareness Solution for Local Public Administrations

CS-AWARE is a cybersecurity situational awareness software solution for Local Public Administrations. It was designed to detect, classify and visualize cybersecurity incidents in real time, supporting the prevention or mitigation of cyber-attacks. It addresses small, medium or big size Local Public Administrations and it can be taylored to any local software set-up, any European language and any type of LPA internal workflow and specifics.

The main features are:

1) Versatile connectivity: it is capable to connect to any type of internal or external data source

2) Anomaly/Threat detection capability: able to perfrom data analysis of potential suspicious activities that don't necessarily appear to be a direct threat

3) Information correlation: potential threat identification and correlation with external threat sources when available

4) Healing advisory ability: it can suggest possible healing solutions

5) Self-Healing: semi-automated/automated implementation of healing solution

6) Information Sharing: ability to share threat discovery and alerts with the wider cybersecurity community

7) Knowledge Management: becomes a de-facto local knowledge management system which records outcomes and reactions

8) Compliance and Monitoring: potential for NIS compliance (especially the potential for automating incident reporting) as well as ensuring GDPR compliance

9) Built on the STIX2.0 language ( Structured Threat Information Expression ) format used to exchange cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

All these features are beiing implemented in a (semi)automated manner, part of a ready-to-deploy and run solution

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