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Auto-scaling Framework for Docker container orchestrated by Kubernetes [Infrastructure as Code]​

The MiCADO framework automates deployment and orchestration of applications in the cloud. The framework is generic, pluggable, technology agnostic as well as open-source and supports various public and private cloud environments, like Open Nebula, Open Stack, Azure, AWS, Cloud Sigma and CloudBroker Platform. 

MiCADO deployment is automated with Ansible playbook, MiCADO Master node takes responsibility to deploy the application & cluster deployment via ADT (Application Description Template) in the cloud. Additionally, it monitors multiple parameters of the application to automate scaling decisions within the cluster for a more stable and faster system.


With the implementation of the MiCADO framework, you benefit by:

  • Deadline-based scaling of applications
    • The calculations can be completed in a specific time frame
    • specific parameters are set in the AD (application description) and MiCADO will initialise the microservices according to your limits set, to meet the given time constraints. 
  • Decrease server sizes required for stable applications (Auto-Scaling)
    • MiCADO meets demand by scaling; server resources/ microservices are scaled according to the occurring demand of the application 
  • Optimized loads while analyzing Big Data
    • efficient operation of infrastructure, run necessary analytics during off-peaks
    • stable system for end-users by auto-scaling resources/microservices


With the implementation of the MiCADO framework, your customers benefit by:

  • seamless running services
    • higher satisfaction with your services
  • Flexibility
    • No vendor-lock --> Open-Source
    • Public and Private Cloud Resources 
    • reliable and GDPR compliant (bare in mind: depends on where and how it is implemented!)


Industrial Demonstrators where MiCADO was successful implemented:

  • Evacuation Planning Services 
  • Social Media Analytics Recommendation System for Public Sector Organisations
  • Audience Analytics Solution for Art Organisations


MiCADO framework components:

MiCADO Master is configured as the Kubernetes Master Node and has installed the Docker Engine, Occopus (to scale VMs), Prometheus (for monitoring), Policy Keeper (to perform decision on scaling) and Submitter (to provide submission endpoint) microservices to realize the autoscaling control loops. During operation MiCADO workers (realised on new VMs) are instantiated on demand which deploy Prometheus Node Exporter and CAdvisor as Kubernetes DaemonSets and the Docker engine through contextualisation.

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