D4.1 Validation and demonstration scenarios

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This document describes the ASTRID Use Cases, extending the preliminary concepts outlined at the proposal stage and includes more concrete plans for demonstration and validation. The two Use Cases are designed to demonstrate the feasibility of the ASTRID framework in two different domains, namely cloud applications, and network function virtualization. The description explains how the Use Cases relate to the ASTRID architecture, and which orchestration tools will be used to manage deployment and life-cycle operations in an automated way in the different domains. Based on the application design and the inventory of available software and tools, an implementation roadmap is depicted. The methodology for demonstration and validation is based on the selection of relevant attacks and threats for each Use Case, and the identification of a set of demonstration and validation scenarios. Each scenario is matched with key performance indexes and acceptance criteria, which have been selected and set according to the expected impact listed in the proposal. This description will drive the work in future, for the set up of the demonstration environments and for the performance measurements.

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