D1.1 State of the srt, project concepts and requirements

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This deliverable provides a summary of the information, data and methods that are preparatory to the design of the ASTRID architecture. This document is divided into three main parts.

The first part of the document  describes the project concepts and current trends in cybersecurity, recapping the current practice and highlights the main limitations in terms of performance, visibility, security. The analysis of challenges and emerging trends motivates a transition from discrete cyber-security appliances to integrated frameworks, based on composable and interoperable layers corresponding to the main processes: context, detection, awareness. Based on these premises, the overall vision for virtualized services and the main ASTRID concepts are illustrated and applied to a set of possible usage scenarios.

The second part of this document analyses the relevant State-of-the-Art and focuses on the relevance and applicability of specific technology to the ASTRID framework.

Finally, the third part  analyses the function and architectural requirements that come from the main concept, objectives, and application scenarios previously discussed.

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