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Security Protection Tools for Networked Medical Devces

Sotiris Messinis

01 December 2022

30 November 2025

EC funded project

SEPTON aims to address the gap in the generic technologies and processes referring to the IT network infrastructure with a holistic approach towards reinforcing networked medical device security within the healthcare center premises.


The project’s approach will result in a comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit providing tools and mechanisms to be used in hospitals and care centers for

1.) The protection of networked medical devices, including wearable and implantable devices,

2.) The secure and privacy-preserving data exchanges between networked medical devices, utilizing techniques such as blockchain, differential privacy and encryption

3.) Behavioural anomaly detection, utilizing a cybersecurity analytics framework coupled with machine learning techniques and hardware acceleration for increased performance

4.) Vulnerability assessment.

The usability of the proposed solutions will be tested in a realistic setup via extensive pilot trials, facilitated by the participation of two healthcare organizations.

Major academic partners with solid research experience as well as specific industrial partners with deep technical expertise combine to bring about the project objectives and targets. The pilot campaigns will be specially designed from the viewpoint of healthcare organizations, but other industrial partners expect to use the technology in their respective lines of business. Upon completion of SEPTON, the core technology offering will be its main exploitable output, being the toolkit itself. SEPTON promotes the co-creation among healthcare cybersecurity experts and medical device developers (hardware and software), promoting in that sense, novel approaches for new value creation, with a clear focus on the networked medical devices market. The vision of SEPTON is to solidify its presence in the European market and then attempt to address additional markets in the Americas followed by Asia and then the Middle East and Africa. 


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