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Advanced Design of the HERMES Data Exchange Platform Supporting the Cyber Defence of Autonomous Military Systems

Frini Lazarou

01 December 2021

31 August 2024

EC funded project

HERMES (Advanced Design of the HERMES Data Exchange Platform Supporting the Cyber Defence of Autonomous Military Systems) received funding from the European Commission, under the “European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) for 2020 Call, Topic: Innovative and future-oriented defence solutions”, under Grant Agreement number EDIDP-SME-2020-099-HERMES. 

HERMES brings together four Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from 4 different European countries with great expertise in software development and cybersecurity: (1) EBOS Technologies (from Cyprus) – The Coordinator, (2) ITTI Sp.z.o.o (from Poland), (3) Invisible Things Lab (from Germany) and finally (4) TALGEN Cybersecurity OU (from Estonia) – which acts as a subcontractor.

HERMES focus is on the development and deployment of the ‘HERMES Data Exchange Platform’ (DXP) which addresses various challenges related to cybersecurity automation and information sharing. In addition to providing the complete design of the Data Exchange Platform, HERMES has additional 4 important objectives:

  • Enable cybersecurity operations to be automated and self-sufficient;
  • Improve controlled information sharing of high-quality cybersecurity data;
  • Facilitate collaboration in burden sharing and outsourcing of cybersecurity data management;
  • Empower SMEs to participate, expand their skills, and contribute towards the industrial autonomy of the EU. 

HERMES Key Objectives

HERMES is a military-grade, enterprise system composed of different software components that are deployed in various parts of an organisation, including across security domains. Its purpose is to allow different experts to collect, organise and disseminate cybersecurity information to multiple systems, such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). As a system, HERMES provides a foundation that addresses the challenges of overloading a cybersecurity system with poor quality, untimely, and irrelevant cybersecurity information:

  • For the benefit of cybersecurity experts, HERMES will help manage the breadth and depth of cybersecurity knowledge necessary for cyber information superiority. 
  • For cybersecurity systems, HERMES will help feed data to cybersecurity applications, increasing their ability to interoperate and function autonomously.