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Enabling Data Enrichment Pipelines for AI-driven Business Products and Services

Dessislava Petrova-Antonova

01 October 2022

30 October 2025

EC funded project

enRichMyData provides a novel paradigm for building rich, high-quality, valuable datasets to feed Big Data Analytics and AI applications. The paradigm consists of facilitating the specification and scalable execution of data enrichment pipelines, with a focus on supporting various data enrichment operations such as discovery, understanding, selection, cleaning, transformation, and integration of Big Data from a variety of sources.

enRichMyData makes this paradigm easily accessible to a wide set of large and small organizations that encounter difficulties in the process of delivering suitable data to feed their data analytics solutions due to the lack of suitable tools and expertise to support cost-effective and energy-efficient management of data enrichment pipelines. It delivers a software toolbox consisting of tools and infrastructure services for setting-up, deploying, executing and managing data enrichment pipelines. The main exploitation targets the operation and monetization of the toolbox, primarily in European markets.

enRichMyData validates its plan through a strong selection of complementary business cases offered by commercially focused organizations targeting the development of novel products in a wide range of domains, including digital marketing, Industry 4.0 medical devices maintenance, public procurement, innovation ecosystems, and mineral processing.

The balanced consortium consists of 13 partners from 11 countries. With a mixture of R&D/technology providers and business case providers, enRichMyData gathers five large companies, three SMEs, two research institutes, and three universities.


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