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Data Process & Technological Bricks for expanding digital value creation in European Data Spaces

Julie Arteza

01 October 2022

30 September 2025

EC funded project

The European Data Economy relies on the availability of data to develop innovative technologies, such as trustworthy AI made in Europe’ that reflects European values. Data spaces, platforms and marketplaces can help improve the release of such data potential. However, data sharing and data interoperability are still not developed.

The EU-funded DataBri-X project will deliver a holistic, energy-efficient, and user-friendly toolbox of practical, robust, and scalable bricks/Bri-X to improve data and metadata interoperability, usability, discoverability, quality, and integrity and expand digital value creation in the context of European data spaces. The toolbox will align with accountability, fairness, privacy and confidentiality regulations and FAIR principles.

The DataBri-X toolbox will be offered in compliance with accountability, fairness, privacy, and confidentiality regulations as well as FAIR principles and will build on existing and emerging initiatives. The DataBri-X consortium comprises 14 partners from 6 EU members and 1 associated country (UK), that together form a complete value chain of actors.


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