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High Performance, Edge And Cloud computing

Julie Arteza

01 December 2022

31 May 2025

EC funded project

The objective of HiPEAC is to stimulate and reinforce the development of the dynamic European computing ecosystem that supports the digital transformation of Europe. It does so by guiding the future research and innovation of key digital, enabling, and emerging technologies, sectors, and value chains. The longer term goal is to strengthen European leadership in the global data economy and to accelerate and steer the digital and green transitions through human-centred technologies and innovations. This will be achieved via mobilising and connecting European partnerships and stakeholders to be involved in the research, innovation and development of computing and systems technologies. They will provide roadmaps supporting the creation of next-generation computing technologies, infrastructures, and service platforms.

The key aim is to support and contribute to rapid technological development, market uptake and digital autonomy for Europe in advanced digital technology (hardware and software) and applications across the whole European digital value chain. HiPEAC will do this by connecting and upscaling existing initiatives and efforts, by involving the key stakeholders, and by improving the conditions for large-scale market deployment. The next-generation computing and systems technologies and applications developed will increase European autonomy in the data economy. This is required to support future hyper-distributed applications and provide new opportunities for further disruptive digital transformation of the economy and society, new business models, economic growth, and job creation.


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