Next Generation Meta Operating System

Julie Arteza

01 September 2022

31 August 2025

EC funded project

NEMO establishes itself as the gamechanger of the AIoT-edge-cloud continuum by introducing an open source, modular and cybersecure meta-operating system, leveraging on existing technologies and introducing novel concepts, methods, tools, testing and engagement campaigns.

This project will bring intelligence closer to the data and make AI-as-a-Service an integral part of network self-organisation and micro-services execution orchestration. Its widespread penetration and massive acceptance will be achieved via new technology, pre-commercial exploitation components and liaison with open-source communities.

NEMO expected technological innovations will be:

  • Full stack, fully configurable, cloud-native, data aware meta-OS
  • Intelligence closer to data/make AI integral part of meta-OS.
  • Self-Organized/Healing Network Clusters/5G/6G Integration.
  • Cybersecure micro-Service Secure Execution Environment (mSEE)
  • SLO/EE based self-optimized meta-Orchestrator. 
  • ZeroOps Plug-in mechanism.
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy Compliance & Federated Machine Learning verticals.


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