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Dynamic organisational resilience assessment for critical sectors

Michelle Kölbl

01 October 2022

30 September 2025

EC funded project

The current situation regarding potential cyber threats has increased the complexity of critical sectors and infrastructure such as energy, health and transport. With increasing digitalisation and ever-evolving cyber threats, this represents an important pillar for business continuity. DYNAMO is a project that aims to solve this vulnerable part of businesses. Experts from different backgrounds will work together with end-users to develop and refine selected tools and bring them together in a single platform. The knowledge generated by DYNAMO will help to speed up the recovery process and provide contributions to self-healing. The entire project is designed as a phased project, where the journey from concept to final outcome is a step-by-step process driven by user feedback.

The DYNAMO platform will be able to collect organization’s skills data, elaborate and create custom tailored organizational training to improve organizational resilience. This will support different stakeholders of critical sectors, help to increase their situational awareness, and ensure critical risk assessment. In respect to the AI-based approaches used, DYNAMO will combine the two disciplines of business continuity management (BCM) and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) to enable resilience assessment and minimize the number of cyberattacks in critical sectors.


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