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FISHY Trust & Incident Manager

When addressing the resilience of supply chains in their complexity, a platform that provides vulnerability forecast, risk estimation and mitigation must consider the heterogeneous nature of supply chain infrastructures as an important driver of architectural design and exposing it with an architecture designed for supply chains, instead of single network.

This toolset allows users to monitoring and gathering metrics from supply chain infrastructure, performing analysis, raising alerts, proposing mitigation actions. It enables users to set up custom scans based on any user-provided script or by using the integrated vulnerability scanners to run the scanning tasks on-demand immediately or set up automatic repeated schedules, being alerted to new vulnerabilities discovered.


1. Continuous monitoring of infrastructure
2. Imediate notification of anomalies
3. Automated recommendations for mitigating actions


  • Smart manufacturing - Continuously perform vulnerability scans, classify vulnerabilities (risk-based) and send reports to the IRO. It will open incidents when an IoT device not registered to FISHY is detected and escalate the level of criticality if the incident is not dealt with.

  • Autonomous driving  - Assess the risk of attacks by analysing the logs that the SADE services will have available, and collect the logs from one of the enabled services, analyse them and generate a mitigation response which can be via REST API or by passing messages in a specific RabbitMQ queue. 

  • Farm-to-fork - Detect diverse types of attacks based on continuous monitoring of specific points/ security probes defined by the F2F IT systems' operators and define rules based on which incident/threats are detected.

Horizon Results Platform  ID 42318

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