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FISHY Security & Privacy Dataspace Infrastructure

An enhanced framework for system events' management, including metrics from different sources and promoting co-relation with added semantics​

Organizing data related to infrastructure events and enforcing privacy and Access Control rules, including Identity Management. This solution translates high-level intents into configured policies, and interact with the system response using AI techniques.


1. Access Control (AC) policy and rules definition and enforcement technology.
2. Identity Management strategy, which is fundamental in a supply chain environment where different users' perspectives and demands must coexist.
3. Data sanitization and flow control from low-level on-premise components, according to previously defined privacy rules.


Smart manufacturing - The module will be used to receive from IRO the registration of new IoT devices and keep an updated list of registered devices

Farm-to-fork - The SPI is required to receive the information from the F2F IT systems and pass it to the inner components of the FISHY platform ensuring anonymisation

Autonomous driving  - The module will be used to manage user authentication and ensure that requests are secure. It is expected to provide ways to register and authenticate for IoT device and car manufacturers.


Horizon Results Platform  ID 42335

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