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FISHY Intent-based Resilience Orchestration

Solution translating high level intents into configured policies, and interact with the system response using AI techniques

Automation of the interactions between the user defining high-level intents and the system applying high-level policies. The utilization of high-level language to apply policies and communicate with the network will save operation expenses for the network administrator.


1. Automation: Set, modify or delete security policies at scale using high-level intent language
2. Transparency and Control: Using other modules of FISHY to monitor the IT infrastructure, IRO shows notifications and alerts about the network condition, recommand actions, and react based on the situation.
3. Security: Using predefined policies, IRO can react to detected threats automatically or after confirmation from the user, and enforce security rules using other FISHY components.


Smart manufacturing - Allow for the registration of systems and devices to FISHY, to be communicated to the EDC and the SPI. It will send notifications, alerts and suggestions for actions and security audits to users.

Autonomous driving  - Indirect use allowing the generation of policy definitions to be applied by the EDC. The intents will be generated by other components based on the analysis and processing of the data obtained from the infrastructure of the SADE use case by these other components.

Farm-to-fork - The IRO is required to offer to the administrators of the F2F IT solutions: a) the capability to register their system and define the rules to be monitored; and b) to receive notifications, alerts and suggestions for actions and security audits of their systems


Horizon Results Platform  ID 42320

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