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M-Sec Cookbook – a practical guide for IoT developers

The main focus of M-Sec’s Cookbook is to introduce the M-Sec IoT security framework that has been developed by the European and Japanese consortium researchers for the past two years. Therefore, it presents techniques, methods, and design and operating principles of the M-Sec solution that those researchers believe will help other IoT developers to minimize the risk of suffering critical vulnerabilities in a wide range of IoT devices. In other words, the M-Sec Cookbook is a practical guide for all IoT developers to develop reliable and secure applications for the smart city context.

This document complements and leverages another report already released by M-Sec – its White Paper. While the White Paper introduces the overall M-Sec architecture and shows how it can be a viable solution for overcoming the main IoT security issues faced nowadays, the Cookbook provides an introduction to the M-Sec components from five different aspects – IoT security, cloud and data level security, P2P level security and blockchain, application-level security, and overall end-to-end security – with their definition and ulterior implementation, thus serving as a practical guide for any IoT developer who wishes to implement the M-Sec solution in order to address the security concerns and risks identified in the M-Sec White Paper.

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