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Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools & methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS

Konstantina Papachristopoulou

01 January 2020

31 December 2022

EC funded project

CPSoSaware will contribute to all expected impact areas set out in H2020 ICT-01-2019 Computing technologies and engineering methods for cyber-physical systems of systems under the topic of Models, tools and methods for design-operations continuum of dependable CPSoS, as explained below (the text in the left column refers to H2020 Work programme document and is provided for reference).

In the CPSoSaware project, we envision the CPSoS as a living organism that behaves autonomically (without human intervention), is aware of its physical and cyber environment and reacts to it accordingly so that it constantly matches its intended purpose.

CPSoSaware project aims at developing the models and software tools to describe a CPSoS in a holistic and abstract way and to allocate computational power/resources to the CPS end devices of the System by determining and generating autonomously what cyber-physical processes will be handled by a device’s each heterogenous component (processor cores, GPUs, FPGA fabric) and software components (software stacks).

The solution will rely on Artificial Intelligence support in order to strengthen reliability, fault tolerance and security at system level but also will be able to lead to CPS designs that work in a decentralized way, collaboratively, in an equilibrium, by sharing tasks and data with minimal central intervention.

Also, the CPSoSaware system will interact with the CPS/CPSoS human users/operators through extended reality modules (AR glasses, haptics interfaces) to increase human situational awareness but also to include human behaviour n the CPSoS design and operation phase (using human based reinforced learning of the CPSoSaware).


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