High-performance, kiosk-solution for forensic darknet analysis to gain cyber threat intelligence for companies and greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities

Julie Arteza

01 October 2019

31 March 2020

EC funded project

The Dark Web is a haven for criminals. It has become a forum and marketplace for weapons, drugs, organs, illicit pornography, software exploits, stolen private data, passwords, credit card details, counterfeit products and money. Illegal services are offered, like phishing, cyber-attacks, murder and rape for hire and money laundering.

Criminal investigation authorities began to investigate cases of crimes and terrorism in the Dark Web, but struggle to access, handle and analyse the immense amount of data, and urgently need an isolated solution to acquire solid evidence legally applicable in court. For corporations, the potential economic and image damage of cyber-attacks is extensive. They search adequate solutions to acquire cyber threat intelligence, to identify threats, enhance cyber defence and allow a fast and effective response. Up to now, commercial state-of-the-art solutions force users to into 3rd party services or to access crawled data on online clouds.

Mh SERVICE developed DAN, a Kiosk solution for darknet analysis. It includes high-performance hardware, pre-installed and pre-configured intuitive software, as well as user training and seminars. The acquired data is isolated from the possibility of foreign access or manipulation by third persons to ensure the chain of evidence for investigation authorities and privacy for companies. During the feasibility study of DAN, we tested the prototype at several customers and now optimise and redesign the DAN to perfectly fulfil the user needs from both segments.
With a rapidly growing global threat intelligence market (3.8 bn US$ in 2017, CAGR 2017-22: 18.4%) we conservatively anticipate a turnover of 10M€ for DAN in 2023 and additional 11.3M€ from our existing business.

With 25 years’ experience, mh SERVICE GmbH is one of today’s leading providers and suppliers of products and services related to IT forensics. mh is Europe’s only forensics supplier with its own hardware development and manufacturing departments.


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