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Edge enabled Privacy and Security Platform for Multi Modal Transport

E-CORRIDOR Project Consortium

01 June 2020

31 May 2023

EC funded project

E-CORRIDOR aims at providing a flexible, secure and privacy-aware framework allowing confidential, distributed and edge enabled security services, as threat analysis and prevention as well as privacy-aware seamless access mechanism in multi-modal transport systems.

Cyber attacks influence is growing in our everyday life, indeed the targets become our mobiles devices, our bank accounts or our new electric and autonomous vehicles. The need for protection of the cyber world which often has a significant convergence with the physical one requires that both cyber and safety aspects must be managed together. The increased amount of information (and collaboration) allow for better prediction and management of cyberattacks. However, when sharing information, one wishes to retain control of the information, even when this information is shared for prediction of vulnerabilities of just for accessing systems (e.g. a transport one). There are the need and the opportunity to unleash the power of sharing.

E-CORRIDOR’s mission is to define a framework for multi-modal transport systems, which provides secure advanced services for passengers and transport operators. The framework includes collaborative privacy-aware edge-enabled information sharing, analysis and protection as a service. The project plans to show the applicability of this framework in at least two domains: (i) collaborative and confidential cyber threat management and (ii) seamless access mechanism in multimodal transport systems.

To learn more about the cybersecurity innovation from E-CORRIDOR, please check the project website and social media channels:

https://e-corridor.eu/              https://twitter.com/ECORRIDOR_EU             https://www.linkedin.com/in/ecorridor/

Contact Information:

Project Coordinator
Dr. Fabio Martinelli
National Research Council of Italy
Email: Fabio.Martinelli@IIT.CNR.IT

Dissemination Leader:
Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG)
Email: info@e-corridor.eu


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