KRAKEN H2020 project: innovating in personal data protection

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This EU-funded H2020 project aims to develop a trusted and secure personal data platform with state-of-the-art privacy-aware analytics methods, guaranteeing on metadata privacy, including query privacy.

Brokerage and market platform for personal data

KRAKEN consists of a Consortium with 10 partners from 7 EU countries with different and complementary expertise. The KRAKEN team is integrated by academic and research profiles, industrial and legal profiles, leaders in the latest technology and digital privacy. 

In this increasingly digital context -where data have become the currency of the 21st century-, data privacy and protection are assuming greater importance. The legal changes at European level, that took place during 2019, outline this new paradigm of concern and awareness for the guarantee of data protection, promoting investment in new technology research, that allows citizens to interact safely in our digital society

Thus, KRAKEN arises with the aims of enabling the sharing, brokerage, and trading of potentially sensitive personal data, by returning the control of this data to citizens -data providers- throughout the entire data lifecycle. 

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