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Konstantina Papachristopoulou

01 July 2019

30 June 2022

EC funded project

The SPIDER project aims to deliver a next-generation, extensive, and replicable cyber range platform for the telecommunications domain and its fiſth generation (5G). The envisioned platform will be offering cybersecurity emulation, training and investment decision support. Towards this vision, it features integrated tools for cyber testing including advanced emulation tools, novel training methods based on active learning as well as econometric models based on real-time emulation of modern cyber-attacks. Moreover, SPIDER acts as a serious gaming repository for multiple stakeholders to share training material and maximize efficiency in delivering complex cyber exercises. 

SPIDER envisages addressing the needs of two types of trainees: experts and non-experts and  supports both self-paced and team-based exercising. SPIDER’s proposal includes serious games for 5G cybersecurity professional skills training, and gamification for 5G cybersecurity awareness training. SPIDER will offer a synthetic war-gaming environment engaging the trainees into playing the role of both the attacker and defender. The proposed cyber range model will be validated in five highly realistic pilot use case scenarios.


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