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SOFIE Interledger Component


The purpose of the SOFIE Interledger component is to enable secure transactions between actors and devices belonging to IoT platforms (silos) using different or separate blockchains. The Interledger component then enables interaction between the ledgers, including atomic transactions across ledgers.

With the Interledger component, it is possible to, e.g., integrate multiple ledgers to a cohesive platform that enables the most suitable type of DLT to be used for the type of information at hand and to enable cross-ledger transactions, thus harnessing the individual strengths of the different DLTs. In SOFIE, it is used to 1) transfer data from one ledger to another, 2) store hashes of data located in a private ledger to a public ledger, to benefit from the higher trust in the public ledger, 3) transfer state of e.g. in-game assets between ledgers, 4) automate asset exchange using Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs).

  • Keywords: Distributed Ledgers, Ethereum, Smart contracts, Hyperledger Fabric, Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs)
  • Contact: Wu, Lei lei.1.wu@aalto.fi
  • License Type: Free or open source
  • Technology readiness level: 7.

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