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White paper

Title Date
Blockchain applicability using Smart Power Management: SealedGrid Architecture 29 Apr 2020
SealedGRID: Scalable, trustEd, and interoperAble pLatform for sEcureD smart GRID 29 Apr 2020
Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Node for Multi-Purpose Blockchain Applications 29 Apr 2020
Lego Methodology Approach for Common Criteria Certification of IoT Telemetry 29 Apr 2020
Securing the Smart Grid: A Blockchain-based Secure Smart Energy System 29 Apr 2020
[Preprint] A Survey of Voice and Communication Protection Solutions Against Wiretapping 29 Apr 2020
Comparative Analysis of Distributed Ledger Technologies 29 Apr 2020
Big Data Technology for Scientific Applications 29 Apr 2020
A Forensic Investigation of Android Mobile Applications 29 Apr 2020
Cloud-Based platform for enhancing energy consumption awareness and substantiating the adoption of energy efficiency measures within SMEs 29 Apr 2020
[Preprint] Evaluation of Password Hashing Schemes in Open Source Web Platforms 29 Apr 2020
Android Malware Detection and Crypto-Mining Recognition Methodology with Machine Learning 29 Apr 2020
Covert Channels-based Stealth Attacks in Industry 4.0 29 Apr 2020
Secure Interconnection of IT-OT networks in Industry 4.0 29 Apr 2020
Enhancing Security and Dependability of Industrial Networks with Opinion Dynamics 29 Apr 2020
Attribute-based Access Control for Secure and Resilient Smart Grids 29 Apr 2020
Distributed Key Management in Microgrids 29 Apr 2020
SealedGRID: A Secure Interconnection of Technologies for Smart Grid Applications 29 Apr 2020