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EU and Global Benefits from the SealedGRID project

Currently, much effort is being made at European and global level, to push towards realising a sustainable development of the Smart Grid, with the minimum vulnerability to external attacks or to malicious Smart Grid nodes. Utility companies globally invest on an efficient, controlled and flexible distribution of the energy to optimize the services that they provide to the end customers.

On the other hand, individual clients call for more efficient SG solutions with guaranteed highly secure Demand Response services that could reduce their electricity bill without sacrificing their privacy or their energy-consuming habits. To this end, SealedGRID will provide an innovative platform that will abide by the existing standardisation work and will be directly utilised by the shareholders to provide new tools towards a scalable, highly trusted, and interoperable SG security platform. The proposed platform will contribute to the ambitious goal posed by European regulations that requires member nations to ensure that 80% of residential households are fitted with a smart meter by 2020. Seconded researchers will create a highly experienced group in this field, to continue working in this highly important research area.

In this concept, vital contribution will be provided by the SealedGRID in the current efforts for crewing a European research and development community with expertise in the security systems for the SG that may combine cross-sectorial (industry and academia) backgrounds.