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What is innovative about FutureTrust?

FutureTrust supports the practical implementation of the eIDAS regulation (2014/910/EU) on electronic identification (eID) and trusted services. It provides Open Source components relating to easing the incorporation of eIDAS qualified certificates, electronic signatures and time stamps into applications. Traditionally this has been difficult for organisations to navigate the regulation effectively, but FutureTrust now makes cost effective compliance easy. Additionally, FutureTrust provides a capability to deliver eIDAS interoperability with other trust schemes outside of Europe utilising a Global Trust Service List  (gTSL) which can be equally simply incorporated into applications. FutureTrust makes compliance with eIDAS other schemes easy.

How can the FutureTrust project make a difference to potential end-users?

To date, eIDAS compliance has been predominantly in the realm of the public sector, where eIDAS conformance is enshrined in law in each Member State. The benefit of eIDAS to business is in the fact that there is a single regulation applicable to all European markets. This enables SMEs to extend their supply chain and market across the entire EU, thus improving their efficiency and enlarging their market with minimal additional risk or effort. However, to take advantage of these benefits it must be easy to incorporate compliance to the regulations. FutureTrust makes this possible through providing eIDAS compliance Open Source components.

How will FutureTrust goals & results support and influence investments that can be made in the future Horizon Europe?

FutureTrust lays the foundations of easier compliance to eIDAS, improve trade within the Single Market. Additionally it provides the ability to extend the influence of eIDAS outside of Europe through its gTSL component. Why is this important to the EU in the future? The EU does not exist in isolation. There are other trust ecosystems developed or developing in many trading and economic areas with which the EU interacts. Trusted transactions and relationships are essential in these relationships, and interoperability between these ecosystems will reduce transaction friction and improve trade.

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